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Etudes gvs alk 06

Études and Gus Van Sant

Emphasizing days that are lived like days, where once again bodies move like bodies, we join forces with director Gus Van Sant. Alongside the film poster of Mala Noche, this special AW17 collaboration wishes to be dedicated to intentionalities that are aimless and anywhere, impulses that don’t care about their forthcoming histories but mere nowness. Because freedom can also last inside people. A self-portrait of what it means to stay awake, both night and morning.

E11096 crop
Encre Mala Noche Black

Études and Lori Goldston

Meet our newest collaboration: a record with cellist Lori Goldston. The Seattle-based musician, who has stood on stage with icons like Nirvana, has also caused a memorable career by detraining her classical education and merging taught skill with innate human characteristics like impulse. Her compositions pay homage to moments of timelessness in which the existence of things is not about change but rather a kind of continuation.

Originally played live at Études’ AW17 show in Paris, Goldston’s record inhabits all heights and distances with gentle melancholia without asking to compromise. Because, there are none. When she performs, everything becomes an audience. Even herself, even her hands.

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Lori Goldston
Collab ok

Études and Matthew Chambers

As part of this season’s collection, Études is pleased to present a special collaboration with artist Matthew Chambers. Exploring themes of proximity, the painter deals with subject-matters that are often complicatedly intimate within their universal normalcy. Chambers’ energetic portrayals of Montana flowers—the very same ones surfacing within Études’ new collection that’s composed of several items such as heavy hand-knitted sweaters, cotton corduroy shirts, silk blouses and oversized trousers—exhibit narratives of encountering the oblivious that wants to be known. And, above all, understood. There’s history. Not only in the past, but the future too.

This particular symbiosis between Études and Matthew Chambers aspires to challenge (and perhaps repurpose) scenarios of nostalgia for the new and for the old, and everything that survives within their in-betweens. It’s not about questioning what is, but examining what always has been meanwhile withstanding expectation and being sympathetic to the arrivals of another. A new ending, after all, is forever a beginning.

E11005 crop
Family Corduroy Chambers
E11021 crop
Attitude Shirt Silk Chambers
E11039 crop
Andy Jacquard Chambers
E11068 crop
Resistance Canvas Army Green
E1580 crop
Maybe Crew All Over Chambers
E11047 crop
Attitude Pants Silk Chambers
1702 crop2
Inside Jacquard Chambers
E11093 crop
Maybe Hood All Over Chambers
E11083 crop
Unity All Over Chambers

Études and Dike Blair

The New York-based artist Dike Blair has been creating gouaches paintings since the mid 80s, still lifes that detail diaristic settings, like that of a bar scene: cigarettes, resting in an ashtray; a Coca Cola can, waiting to be finished. The by-now iconic pieces convey memory as something personal yet also universal, documenting a plethora of meaning that perhaps most of all suggests the matter of time. How we live and how we forget, and how—in the end—we always remember.

For our upcoming season AW17, Études decided to join forces with the artist, coupling a part of the new collection with Blair’s Untitled (1992). This special collaboration particularly wishes to meditate those sometimes beautifully mundane moments of living, the component of (the many) things that make all of this worthwhile and becoming.

E11012 crop
Portrait Silk Blair
E11084 crop
Unity Blair Black
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