Études and Taxi-Girl In the 1980’s French New Wave band Taxi Girl captivates France with their songs ‘P-A-R-I-S’ and ‘Cherchez le garçon.” The all-male group seduces the underground world with romantic ideologies of suicide, the search for realistic truths. Their lyrics don’t necessarily behold violence and crime as a condition of the ideal, nonetheless there’s constant underlying notion of sex and desire. In their music, there’s the constant stake of existing. For Spring/Summer ´18 the iconic men from the underground join our collection by collaborating on a set of clothing and accessories, paying homage once again to their musical impact that’s been—more than anything—an indelible chapter to our very own.
Études - Explicit Graphics In celebration of our Études pop-up at Galeries Lafayette Paris, we invited artists to create a logo around the theme of Music. Featuring : Ari Marcopoulos Novembre Magazine Fuzi Golgotha Hassan Rahim Haw-lin Services Maximage Mirko Borsche Orelsan Peter Sutherland Limited edition of 100 units.
Études and Louisa Gagliardi Louisa Gagliardi creates physical worlds of contemporary living, making us pause and dwell in memories that of our own and that of others. Her digital paintings embrace softcore dimensionalities of dark colors that simultaneously recall notions of past and present. We might feel lost but also alive. The Swiss artist was invited to bring her nostalgic canvases onto the garments of Études new season, remembering a familiar atmosphere of men smoking and drinking inside bars, hands holding hands or faces. The collaboration results in a temporary and gentle setting of pensiveness, asking us to live and have lived. After all, we’ve been here for some time. But also, not really at all.
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