Études x Rizzoli After 6 years of following our vision, we accepted Rizzoli’s invitation to put our entire history into a book that celebrates each moment of the becoming of Études. We’re proud to introduce the upcoming release of ‘‘When Études Become Form,’’ available worldwide on October 2nd. 256 pages, comprised inside our emblematic blue cloth hardcover, document how we’ve arrived and lived and transformed every season since the beginning of it all. This book is an extensive delineation of Études and its generous history; a history that’s not so much a matter of the passage of time, but process and the means of an expressive conditionality that collectively fluctuates between art and fashion. With a compilation of over 200 photographs and illustrations that document the work of multiple artists, this book forms part of a manifesto of subjective yet universal physicalities that memorize the ever‐changing complexities of a conscious and newer world. The book features works by artists such as Ari Marcopoulos, Peter Sutherland, Robert Crumb and Dike Blair; a selection of interviews with Gus Van Sant and Mirwais Ahmadzai and essays by Lucas Marchetti commissioned specially for this occasion; as well as an exclusive series of graphic artworks by Laurenz Brunner, and a photoshoot by Andreas Larsson which was styled by Camille Bidault Waddington.
Études x Fritz The Cat As we draw closer and closer to this year’s ending, we’re excited to announce our very last collaboration of 2018, featuring New York’s cult cartoonist Robert Crumb. In align with N°13’s mood for the underground and urban exploration of the what-already-is, the anthropomorphic character ‘Fritz the Cat’ brings in the vibes for our kind of modern-day flaneur. Either in form of comic strip shirtings or cartoon sweatshirts, the collaboration between Crumb and Études wants to inspire in its friends to get lost once in a while inside the city’s chaos. Because only then do we learn to live our city that is infinite and wild and hypnotizingly real.
Études x The New York Times The many histories of a city are documented within all its existent details—the animate, as well as the inanimate—yet, it’s the press that forever immortalizes a city’s biography. We’re excited to announce our newest collaboration featuring the renowned New York Times logo, centralizing around the general theme of history versus daily information. Since 1851, the US news organization has influenced and shaped minds beyond its own audience. Throughout this special project, Études appropriates The Times’s logo that in the past centuries and decades has become one of the most recognized symbols. By translating the news organization’s image onto Études’ new collection—with the inclusion of shirts, caps, scarves, jackets—the continual existence of stories is physically recalled into the everyday, making us remember that our generations are also there to be echoed in those to come.
Études x Paraboot We’re excited to reveal the result of our collaboration with French shoe-maker Paraboot. Introducing two blacked-out silhouettes, in tune with our AW18.19 collection: the timeless Michael and the hiking boot Yosemite.
Études x adidas Part of adidas’ Consortium project which commissions brands to develop their visionary ideas, Études implements a progressive feel for aesthetics and creates an individual design of the high-performance running shoe UltraBOOST. Alongside adidas’ exclusive technologies for the shoe model, we bring in our distinctive elements; namely the color blue, the recurring theme of European stars, and a pattern of the brand’s capital É that discreetly reappears in a patchwork of different weaving techniques. Accompanying the UltraBOOST, a pack-away rain coat was additionally designed—once again echoing the functional and minimal.
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