Études x Karl Kani Continuing with our season’s feel of West Coast vibes that recall vagabondism and soft notions of masculinity, we are excited to introduce our newest collaboration with American fashion brand Karl Kani. An early 90s prodigy, the hip hop clothing label started to make a name for itself when inspiring the industry with mainstream colors and an altered version of baggy pants. Just like that, Karl Kani paved the roads for its contemporaries, proving how fashion and hip hop are two interrelated worlds — both in the tireless search of human expression. Being one of Études’ principal influences during its founders’ youth, the collaboration between the two brands aims to celebrate a cultural movement that ever since its inception has served as a consistant reference of mental and physical freedom. The outcome of this creative conspiration results in several different pieces of clothing — like an oversized jacket, unisex hoodies, a pair of shorts or a skirt — featuring bold colors and striped patterns that occasionally are accompanied by the two brands’ distinguishable signatures. This is a modern ode to urban contemplation, pondering the visual possibilities that can exist between the past and the present.
Études x Henry Taylor We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with LA-based artist Henry Taylor. Over the course of his career, Taylor has become indispensable to the contemporary art scene with his acrylic paintings that commonly depict individuals from his immediate community. Friends, celebrities, homeless people — all sorts of factual situations are converted into timeless portraits, empathetically narrating the simple yet complex matter that is human life. Employing Taylor’s large scale paintings into our collection, N°14 offers West American vibes explored through a palette of primary colors. The collaborative topography between Taylor and Études results in several pieces of clothing — a short- and long-sleeve silk shirt, a suede jacket, a hoodie — and a silk top especially meant for women. Visually announcing sense of mundanity with fragments of day-to-day truths, the creative linkage with the artist automatically reminds us of the strange wonders that rests in all the things governed by the principles of humanity.
Études x Starter We start the year with a solid dose of energy, introducing our newest collaboration with the iconic US sports clothing brand Starter. Founded in 1971 in New Haven, Connecticut, Starter was a pioneer in its industry by merging activewear with pop culture. Associations with Hip-Hop stars, whilst supporting major league teams such as the New York Knicks, has helped the brand to make its mark in history. Installing itself within Études’ Blue line, the collaboration with Starter Black Label results in graphic-focused, bold, unisex garments. As it brings together US league culture with European feels, a bomber jacket, a long sleeve tee and tank top are collectively conceived. Starter’s well-recognizable “S” star intervenes with Études’ logo, emphasizing a joint attitude of two separate yet matching worlds. Not only does the union of these distinctive identities create a lively, contemporary universe of its own, but as well demonstrate how harmony may always exist within the in-between of things.
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