For autumn/winter 2019-20 we’re excited to present our collaboration with New York’s one and only Keith Haring — the artist who entrenched 80s street culture into almost every conceivable realm of the world. The subway was his laboratory, the sidewalks his canvas. Especially inspired by Haring’s very first pop-graffiti drawings on empty subway advertisements inside NYC’s underground system, we created a collection that aims to symbolize a metropolis’ unbroken dialogue; where every type of end always leads to another type of beginning. Using the artist’s chalk drawings as a key motif within this collaboration — and, thus, constantly referencing the labyrinthian intricacies that surface whenever exploration takes place — an array of memorable pieces form part of Études’ biography. With a primary color scheme of black and red, knitwear to jackets and overalls to accessories suddenly serve as a somatic bridge between art and the street. Because the moment we decide to see the city’s panorama for what it is, a sense of eternity is born. In addition to the series, a special capsule alliance with NYC’s transit system MTA finds its place right within as we incorporate its logo from back in the day when Haring was just getting started with reimagining the underground as a new dimension. Dwelling in urban spaces, discovering what is yet always may change. This is what this is about.
Études x Adieu Fall is about to arrive, and so is our newest collaboration—please welcome: Études x Adieu. Ever since its inception in 2012, the Parisian shoe brand Adieu has set itself apart from conventional approaches to contemporary design by continuously embracing artistic intentions that came along with the 50s up until the late 70s. Adieu’s distinctive mixture between a Londonesque-underground feel and French gentility create dynamic compositions of footwear, lastingly making it into our memory with its abiding hybridity. As Adieu meets Études—and boundaries blur even further—a collaboration of contemporaneity and tradition is called into existence. Featuring 4 pairs in total (2 designs, 2 colors), this joint undertaking especially wants to remind us of the suave allure that comes with youthful sophistication. The prospective models of these shoes—a derby and a 8-hole boot (available in army green and black)—are made with leather and carry the brands’ logos in silver print. The outcome is proof of the visual voyage that is design and its history, subtly offering that type of coolness that doesn’t need to give explanations outside of itself. Instead, it all just sort of is.
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