Following the theme of the periphery, Études continues to explore the urban territory with an Autumn
Winter 2023.24 collection rooted in the CENTRE-VILLE. In an interaction between past and present, the ancient city dialogues with the urban hyper center of Paris.

Relaxed streetwear silhouettes meet the structured elegance of tailoring and hybridize. The collection draws upon classic 1970s-80s sportswear, loose tailoring with sophisticated details, enveloping outerwear, and trompe-l'oeil pieces. The wardrobe weaves contrasts: shiny nylon satin in vibrant hues, matte wool and cashmere in deep shades, and thick cotton canvas in autumnal half-tones, a nod to
workwear codes. A variety of washed and distressed finishes convey the test of time.

From ready-to-wear to accessories, seasonal prints are distilled throughout the wardrobe. The keys to the city. A graffiti to transcend time. An engraved heart to immortalize a love. A lock to seal our
presence. This multitude of neo-symbols, created by the studio through drawings and 3D renderings,
play on form and content to relate the season's themes: the encounter, the exchange, the passage of
time, and preserved moments.

This season's capsule collection introduces a collaboration with renowned Swiss artist Batia Suter.
Building upon the artist's serial practice of collecting and assembling historical images, Suter and Études have selected iconography that expresses the connection between the contemporary world and history.  The collection features archive images related to ideas of “centre-ville” and “cité” as placed motifs, all-over prints, appliqués, embroidery, and laser engravings. This approach to the garment is close to Suter's own practice in poster production, while recurring motifs of labyrinthine forms and bas-relief dragons suggest a new contemporary mythology.

ÉTUDES N°22-AW23.24 17.01.2023