Current collaborations

Archive collaborations

September 2022
Jean-Michel Basquiat
March 2022
Manhattan Portage
March 2022
Yves Klein
February 2022
October 2021
September 2021
Beavis & Butt-Head
August 2021
Martine Syms
April 2021
Roe Ethridge
March 2021
Keith Haring
March 2021
Brooklyn Museum x Lorraine O’Grady
March 2021
November 2020
Terminator 2 by Jonny Negron
November 2020
October 2020
New Tendency
October 2020
La Planète Sauvage
September 2020
Terminator 2
June 2020
Etudes x Adieu
June 2020
Ark Air
April 2020
April 2020
Keith Haring
Études Keith Haring
March 2020
Etudes x Wikipedia
February 2020
Chloe Wise
Études x Chloé Wise Collaboration
December 2019
September 2019
Keith Haring
August 2019
Études x Adieu FW19 Collaboration
March 2019
Karl Kani
Etudes x Karl Kani Collaboration
March 2019
Etudes x Henry Taylor Collaboration
February 2019
October 2018
The New York Times
Études x The New York Times Collaboration
October 2018
Fritz The Cat
Etudes x Frits The Cats Collaboration
September 2018
Études x Adidas Collaboration
April 2018
Etudes x Taxi girl Collaboration
March 2018
Louisa Gagliardi
Études x Louisa Gagliardi Collaboration
December 2017
Gus Van Sant
Etudes x Gus Van Sant Collaboration
October 2017
Matthew Chambers
Études x Matthew Chambers Collaboration
September 2017
Dike Blair
Études x Dike Blair collaboration
May 2017
Smiling Sun
Études x Smiling Sun collaboration
April 2017
Jonathan Binet
Études x Jonathan Binet collaboration
February 2017
Kaleidoscope & Ned Vena
Études x Kaleidoscope & Ned Vena
October 2016
Fabio Marco Pirovino
Études x Fabio Marco Pirovino collaboration
April 2016
Linus Bill & Adrien Horni
Études x Linus Bill & Adrien Horni collaboration
April 2015
Fido Dido
Études x Fido Dido collaboration
September 2015
New Tendency
Études x New Tendency collaboration
November 2015
Daniel Everett
Études x Daniel Everett collaboration
March 2015
Marten Lange
Études x Marten Lange collaboration
October 2014
Jessica Eaton
Études x Jessica Eaton collaboration
March 2014
Manuel Fernandez
Études x Manuel Fernandez collaboration
August 2013
Pia Howell
Études x Pia Howell collaboration
January 2013
Robin Cameron
Études x Robin Cameron collaboration