Études x Adieu Here is the second edition of our collaboration with Parisian shoemaker Adieu. Three newly-designed models come in two colorways: the iconic, all-black leather look and an eye-catching beige with hand-painted black strokes. In addition to the high boots and the derbies, this year's collection includes the Type 143, a revisited loafer with crepe soles.
Études x Porter In collaboration with the Tokyo-based manufacturer Yoshida & Co. and its brand Porter, we're excited to share these practical Études Blue goodies with you! These days, as many of us wander more thoroughly the streets of our very own city, we hope our bags can keep you some light company. Made of Porter's signature nylon, our bag collection alongside the popular Japanese manufacturer is a reflection of urban life's timeless feel. Either for your back, shoulder, or waist—check out the 3 different models available now!
Études x New Tendency Trying to make the best of those days at home, we're excited to introduce a new edition of the META Side Table, realized alongside the Berlin-based design studio NEW TENDENCY. Available now in four colors and featuring a cut-out stars emblem, this beautiful and minimal piece of furniture pays homage to that home that exists outside. The META Side Table is NEW TENDENCY's signature piece, it consists of horizontally and vertically arranged rectangular and circular forms of powder-coated steel. META's shape changes from delicate and thin to substantial and full depending on the viewing angle. With horizontal and vertical storage for books and magazines and a top for decorative accessory and lamp, META is best suited as a side table in a bedroom or living room.
Études x Keith Haring During these strange times of uncertainty, we’re especially happy to introduce our second collection which features the art of New York’s icon Keith Haring. Inspired by his ability to provoke our imagination with his illustrative depictions, we incorporate his drawings into our freshest season of Spring/Summer 2020. Either in the form of a denim jacket; a pair of trousers that wish to remind of Haring’s distinctive painting outfits; a cap, embroidered with the artist’s signature rhythmic symbols—each item, in its own special way, pays homage to the awe-inspiring forces of Haring’s energy and joy. May those lighter days begin! Partnership done in collaboration with Artestar, a global licensing agency and creative consultancy representing high-profile artists, photographers, designers and creatives.
Études x ArkAir Time to launch our newest collaboration: Études meets ArkAir and its unmistakable military aesthetic. We’re proud to present the outcome of our joint venture with the UK clothing brand that's made a name for itself by designing and engineering one of the best technical gears around the globe. From a hat to a shirt, from a pair of shorts to a parka—while applying ArkAir's ripstop fabric, this collaboration introduces an ‘Illusion Blue’ camo pattern exclusively developed for this special occasion.
Études x Wikipedia “When many people think of Wikipedia, they think of a website - a place to find and access knowledge,” said Zack McCune, Director of Brand at the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit behind Wikipedia. “The Études collection is a reminder that Wikipedia is much more than technology. Wikipedia is a cherished part of culture: a living system that brings the joy of knowledge to places all around the world. It’s delightful to see the Études collection bring Wikipedia to fashion, making our aesthetics of information into something you can wear.” We highlight this season’s theme of Diffusion/Illusion by welcoming our newest partnership with the free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Expanding the dialogue between what we (choose to) wear and the world of knowledge, this collaboration serves as an especially noteworthy stepping stone in the history of Études and the borderless impact we hope to cultivate as a contemporary voice in fashion. Knowledge is vital, but it only becomes truly beneficial once it’s accessed and circulated globally. Wanting to carry this message to the outside as loud and visible as possible, we placed Wikipedia’s definition of ‘diffusion’ and ‘illusion’ in the form of screenshot prints onto several garments of the Summer/Spring 2020 collection. Examples of this outcome include a shirt, dress and skirt. Simultaneously, Wikipedia’s logo—an unfinished globe, constructed from puzzle pieces—becomes an elementary detail by joining Études’ very own definition and symbol on a black, minimalistic hoodie and cap. Together, the mapping of a new kind of communication becomes possible—allowing for the inside to be broadcast into the public domain. A part of the profit is donated to the Wikimedia foundation. https://wikimediafoundation.org/
Études x Chloe Wise Taking a critical stance on consumer capitalism while simultaneously celebrating its glory, the artist Chloe Wise treats her world as a comedic tragedy. Her practice, which spans from painting all the way over to sculpture and video, dissects intricate patterns that tag along with our hyper-construed selves in this 21st century. By depicting her friends next to PURELL hand-sanitizer or an open can of Nestlé condensed milk in the form of still-life portraiture, Wise parodies our modern ways of desiring where excess has become the trope of ‘meaningful’ living. Her paintings’ recurrent gesture of documenting people in a group setting draws attention to the importance of communal existence; how it’s often here—in the company of others—that we get to feel and confirm our individuality. With the intention to reflect further Études’ theme for this very season—Diffusion/Illusion—Wise’s group portraitures (Tormentedly Untainted, 2019 and You Definitely Lied To The Right Person, 2019) are appropriated onto several items of the collection. Printed to scale on silky shirting, pleated skirts, a robe and other pieces of clothing, this particular juncture between art and fashion functions as a relief for extreme times in which the ever-rising familiarity to exhaust seems to have become the new norm to exist.
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